Abstract of PhD Submission to Dublin City University, 2012
Yvonne Crotty

The originality of my research lies in clarifying and explaining what it means for me to have an educational entrepreneurial spirit and the values I hold that demonstrate this spirit in an explanation of educational influence in learning. This explanation includes a responsibility for students and acknowledging my values of passion and care ('love' of what I do), safety, creativity and excellence within my practice.

The unit of appraisal in a living theory methodology is the explanation of the influence in my own learning, the learning of others and in the learning of social formations. The methodological inventiveness, particular to the Living Educational Theory methodology, has afforded me an opportunity to express who I really am; body, mind and spirit. I use multimodal forms to communicate and express of the nature of the knowledge that I am generating. I can now claim that my values have become living standards of judgement.

Music plays an integral part of my life and has been a source of enjoyment and inspiration for me over the years. I have shown its importance by embedding it within my doctoral research to express and represent the meaning of emotion.

I explain the importance of addressing emotion in education and the merits of reflecting on our experiences in order to become more educationally entrepreneurial, by taking risks, awakening our creativity and bringing ideas into action.

Within these safe educational spaces I connect the head with the heart, marry the 'sense and soul' (Wilber, 1988) to combine a constructivist, behaviourist, cognitive pedagogical approach that avoids a fragmented learning experience as I inspire others to bring their ideas to fruition.

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MY ONTOLOGY - INTRODUCTION (24.2Mb) pages 1-24

Chapter One - The Formative Years - pages 25-56

Chapter Two - On a Different Note: A Game in Two Halves - pages 57-71

Chapter Three - Three Steps to Heaven - pages 72-113

References for Ontology Section - pages 114-121


Chapter Four - There's method in my madness - pages 122-160

References for Methodology Section - pages 161-165


Chapter Five - Using an Educational Entrepreneurial Approach - pages 166-178

The Stepping Stone to Chapter Six, Seven and Eight - pages 179-181

Chapter Six - The Art of Possibility in a Safe Place - pages 182-210

Chapter Seven - The Dissertation Journey: My role as a Supervisor - pages 211-272

Chapter Eight - On a World Stage - pages 273-294

End Note - pages 295-306

References - My Epistemology - pages 307-312.

Bibliography - pages 313-326.