Abstract of PhD Submission
K.J. Eames

This thesis is an attempt to make an original contribution to educational knowledge through a study of my own professional and educational development in action-research enquiries of the kind, 'How do I improve what I am doing?' The study includes analyses of my educative relationships in a classroom, educative conversations and correspondences with other teachers and academics. It also integrates the ideas of others from the wider field of knowledge and from dialectical communities of professional educators based at Bath University, Wootton Bassett School and elsewhere. The analyses I make of the resulting challenges to my thinking and practice show how educators in schools can work together, embodying a form of professional knowledge which draws on Thomism and other manifestations of dialectical rationality.

Contributions to educational knowledge are made in relation to educational action research and professional knowledge. The first is concerned with the nature of professional knowledge in education, and how action research can constitute the form of professional knowledge which I see as lacking at present. The second contribution is concerned with how we represent an individual's claim to know their own educational development. These contributions contain an analysis in terms of a dialectical epistemology of professional knowledge, which includes contradiction, negation, transformation and moral responsibility within a dialogical community.


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An Outline of my Thesis. page 1

Personal Growth through Students' Reviewing of their own Writing. page 60

Dialogues and Dialectics: Action Research and a DialecticalForm of Classroom-Based Educational Knowledge. page 98

How Action Research can be used in an Educational Community. page 126

Rethinking Teachers' Dialogues as Educational Knowledge. page 160

Action Research as a Form of Professional Knowledgein a Whole-School Setting. page 193

Action Research as a Form of Professional Knowledgein a Whole-School Setting. page 193 - PDF File

How my Research Changed Direction . page 225

Defining Educational Knowledge: what I have learned through the Present Study. page 261

A Dialectical Form of Action-Research-Based Educational Knowledge, and Teachers' Professionality: what's new in what I'm saying? page 318

Action Research, Dialectics, and an Epistemology of Practically-Based Professional Knowledge for Teaching. page 363

Afterword page 414

Bibliography page 442