Developing an inclusional pedagogy of the unique: How do I clarify, live and explain my educational influences in my learning as I pedagogise my healing nurse curriculum in a Japanese University?

Abstract of PhD Submission
JeKan Adler-Collins

The social context of this thesis is embedded in the processes and reflections experienced during the development, implementation and evaluation of a healing nurse curriculum, using action research enquiry on my teaching practice, in a Japanese rural university in the years 2003-2007. These processes include the evolution of my ontology and the creation of an inclusional pedagogy of the unique with transitional certainty as a living epistemological standard of judgment. An energy-flowing, living standard of inclusionality as a space creator for engaged listening and informed learning is offered as an original contribution to knowledge.

Two major strands of enquiry are interwoven and inseparable in this thesis. The first is my life-long self study of my own learning and the values and practices that embrace all the different facets of my life, including being a nurse, educator, and Buddhist priest. The second extends the first, putting them firmly in the context of a specific time frame, weaving a textual narrative that passes between the different aspects of my multiple selves, building a picture for my readers that is grounded in my actual praxis. This narrative gives insights to the growth of my educational knowledge as I research the unique position I hold of being the only white, male nurse, foreign educator in a culture that is so completely different from that of my birth and early education. Finally, I use the analysis of the voices of my students' experience of my teaching and curriculum to mirror back to me my own values as they were seen through the eyes of others in their emergence in praxis. Such usage brought about fundamental ontological changes in me and my practices as a teacher.


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Frontpiece, Contents, Acknowledgements, Abstract pages 1- 11

CHAPTER ONE - Introduction. Background: historical positioning and contextualisation of the thesis; setting the scene page 12

CHAPTER TWO - Methodological considerations in this thesis page 60

CHAPTER THREE - Defining my Practice page 105

CHAPTER FOUR - Foundational ontology: Living as a Buddhist monk in the 21st Century page 149

CHAPTER FIVE - Representing my knowing through my knowledge page 174

CHAPTER SIX - Pedagogising of my claims to know in the development of an inclusional pedagogy of the unique page 237

CHAPTER SEVEN - The students' voice page 293

CHAPTER EIGHT - Conclusion page 358