How I Have Arrived At A Notion Of Knowledge Transformation, Through Understanding The Story Of Myself As Creative Writer, Creative Educator, Creative Manager, And Educational Researcher

Abstract of PhD Submission
Jane Spiro

How I have arrived at a notion of knowledge transformation, through understanding the story of myself as creative writer, creative educator, creative manager, and educational researcher. My aim in this thesis is to tell the story/stories of how I arrived at a living theory of creativity which I shall call 'knowledge transformation'. I explore this theory through 'story' as a methodology that connects both the creative writer and action researcher, and raises questions about self, reflective process and voice that are central to my enquiry. In telling these stories, I ask the question: what does it mean to be creative, as a writer, an educator and a manager? Is the nature of creativity transferable across each of these roles? How has this knowledge improved my practice as an educator? My examination leads to a theory of learning called 'knowledge transformation', which suggests that deep learning leads to change of both the learner and what is learnt.

My premise is that 'knowledge transformation' involves the capacity to respond to challenge, self and other, and is central to the notion of creativity. I consider how far this capacity can be transferable, teachable and measurable in educational contexts, arriving at a notion of 'scaffolded creativity' which is demonstrated through practice in the higher academy.

My journey towards and with this theory draws on my experience of four personae, the creative writer in and outside the academy, and the educator, team leader, and researcher within it; and explores the strategies and issues raised by bringing these roles and intelligences together. This theory of 'knowledge transformation' represents an aspirational contribution to our understanding of what it means to be 'creative' . It explores how educational objectives can lead to deep learning and positive change. It also explores how values can be clarified in the course of their emergence and formed into living standards of judgment.


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Frontpiece, Contents, Audio-visual files, Connecting stories, Acknowledgements and a note on inclusion of participants, Abstract page 1-7

SECTION A: The sources of belief.

What are the sources of belief that shape my practice as an educator? How do these form the foundation for my concept of knowledge transformation.

Chapter One - Introduction: story sources and starting points page 8

Chapter Two - Connecting stories: from reading to beliefs. page 30

Chapter Three - Weaving stories: from lived to created story. page 47

SECTION B: I as creative writer.

How does knowledge transformation manifest itself in my practice as a creative writer.

Chapter Four - Writing as finding a voice: from Finchley to Lithuania. page 82

Chapter Five - Writing for audience: from myth to word count. page 96

Chapter Six - Writing for performance: speaking out. page 119

SECTION C I as creative educator.

How does knowledge transformation manifest itself in my practice as a creative educator? How have I found connections between creative writer:creative educator roles?

Chapter Seven - Knowledge transformation as educational process: learning to change page 138

Chapter Eight - Making our stories accountable in the academy: judgement and evaluation page 196

Chapter Nine - Teacher stories: teaching to change page 222

SECTION D I as creative manager.

How does knowledge transformation manifest itself in my practice as a creative manager? How have I found connections between creative writer: creative educator: creative manager roles?

Chapter Ten - Story as crisis: critical incidents in higher education page 242

Chapter Eleven- Management as transformation: leadership in the academy page 264

Section E Knowledge transformation and the academy. What insights does this analysis offer for the academy as a whole?

Chapter Twelve - Threading stories together: knowledge transformation as living theory page 290

Bibliography page 310

Learner and teacher as fellow travellers. A story tribute to Jack Whitehead page 319

Volume 2 Connecting Stories: Appendix Readings - Available for reading at the Library of the University of Bath