Abstract of PhD Submission


How do I come to know my spirituality, as I create my own living educational theory?

My thesis is a narrative which offers the following distinct and original contributions to educational knowledge, as I show originality of mind and critical judgment in connecting the personal with the professional in my explanations of my educative relationships with others:

I show how my living engagement with my God is enabling me to author my life and is part of the interweaving of my values in my educative relationships with others.

I show the meaning of my values as I explain my educative relationships in terms of how I dialectically engage the intrapersonal with the interpersonal.

I show how a dialectic of both care and challenge that is sensitive to difference, is enabling me to create my own living educational theory which is a form of improvisatory self-realisation.

I show how my leadership comes into being in my words and actions as I exercise my ethic of responsibility towards others.


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Abstract and Contents

Foreword and Introduction

Chapter 1: What is the most appropriate ear for the reader to bring to my thesis?

Chapter 2: How have I educatively influenced and, in turn, been educatively influenced in my role as a teacher educator to a teacher, that teacher becoming an action research tutor to her teacher colleague, on of whose pupils writes about her own concerns?

Chapter 3: What do I mean by my authentic engagement with my God and with 'John'?

Chapter 4: How do I enable 'David' to master his fears concerning discipline through offering him challenging questions that will excite his imagination towards using creative solutions?

Chapter 5: How do I explore and explain the nature of a professional conflict I experienced as leader of an action research project at a college of education and come to a knowledge of how to resolve it as I exercise my leadership 'differently'?

Chapter 6: What is the significance of the 'living' spiritual ideas of Tom Merton and others to my action enquiry about how I relate to myself and others?

Chapter 7: How do I now understand my educational development in the light of my thesis question, 'How have I come to know my spirituality as I create my own living educational theory?


Appendix - Action Research: 'How do I improve what I am doing?' - word format
Appendix - Action Research: 'How do I improve what I am doing?' - pdf format