Postgraduate Research Conference at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University on the 30th November 2009

Resources for Jack WhiteheadŐs Keynote on Living Educational Theory.

and the workshop on visual media and validation:

1)       Multi-media masterŐs units and dissertations and doctoral theses already validated and legitimated in the Academy.


Living Theory Doctorates and Masters Dissertations:


Masters Units and Dissertations:

Youtube of Eden Charles from his thesis at

2) 2008-9 Issues of Research Intelligence the newsletter of the British Educational Research Association.

i) Bruce-Ferguson, P. (2008) Increasing Inclusion in Educational Research: Reflections from New Zealand. Research Intelligence, 102, 24-25. Retrieved 30 November 2009 from

ii) Whitehead, J. (2008) Increasing Inclusion In Educational Research: A Response To Pip Bruce Ferguson. Research Intelligence, 103, 16-17. Retrieved 30 November 2009 from

iii) Laidlaw, M. (2008) Increasing Inclusion in Educational Research: A Response to Pip Bruce-Ferguson and Jack Whitehead. Research Intelligence, 104, 16-17. Retrieved 30 November 2009 from

iv) Adler-Collins, J.P. (2008) Creating New Forms Of Living Educational Theories Through Collaborative Educational Research From Eastern And Western Contexts: A response to Jack Whitehead. Research Intelligence 104, 17-18. Retrieved 30 November 2009 from following the Laidlaw paper

v) Whitehead, J. (2008) An Epistemological Transformation in what counts as Educational Knowledge: Responses to Laidlaw and Adler-Collins. Research Intelligence, 105, 28-29. Retrieved 30 November 2009 from

vi) Huxtable, M. (2009) How do we contribute to an educational knowledge base? A response to Whitehead and a challenge to BERJ. Research Intelligence, 107, 25-26. Retrieved 30 November 2009 from

3) The keynote symposium on the 3rd September 2009 on Explicating A New Epistemology For Educational Knowledge With Educational Responsibility at the British Educational Research Association Annual Conference with Jean McNiff, Jane Renowden, Marie Huxtable, Christine Jones, Margaret Farren and Jack Whitehead.

4) The Educational Journal of Living Theories

5) Creativity Works (Edited by Andrew Henon)

6) Jack Whitehead Validations (Edited by Robyn Pound, Moira Laidlaw and Marie Huxtable)